Working together for residents in Waltham Forest



Waltham Forest Council.


The Brief


Design a high impact, visible service that sustainably connects disadvantaged young people in Waltham Forest to valuable opportunities.


What we did


In collaboration with Polar Insight, we are currently working alongside the Policy and Service Design teams within the council as they deliver on key recommendations laid out in last year’s Life Chances Commission.

Over the next few months, Polar Insight and Comuzi will be working together with Waltham Forest Council to make this service a reality, by employing our launchpad programme approach which encompasses user research, concept design and prototyping of the service.




We are only at the start of this journey.

Over the coming weeks, we will learn from the young people in Waltham Forest and begin to prototype the Opportunity Bank. And then as we move from design to delivery, we will continue to listen to their needs, to help us build something that works for them.

Over the coming months, we will refine and improve the approaches we are taking. We will look to embed youth participation and mainstream it across the council’s work, through a series of pilot projects beyond the Bank.

Here is a blog piece from Daryl Abelscroft, Policy Manager at Waltham Forest Council talking about this particular project that is currently a work in progress.

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