Client  Ping Date  Jan 2018 Type  Design Research

Ping App approached us to help them in redesigning their mobile app and brand collaterals.

Ping is a digital business card that makes it simple and effective to organise the people you meet. Add location, a note and groups to each new connection, whilst sharing one of multiple profiles and then getting reminders to follow up.

One of the things we did in this project taking from outside inspirations (here and here); is create a set of diverse avatars/emojis fitting the values of Ping, one of building an inclusive and equitable future for all; also bringing a human touch to technology products.

We engaged in design research, extracting insights from a diverse range of user groups on their thoughts on representation in technology. Creating diverse avatars/emojis spark debate, both positive and negative views on its implementation however people connect with emojis on a personal level — they use them to show their smiles and their hearts, and many more.

We hope to create more with Ping + release an open source set of avatars/emojis which teams can use in their tech products and brand collaterals.

We’d love to share more but there’s only so much we can publish. For more, simply get in touch.


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