Client  UAL/Local Council

Date 2016

We explored prototypes and concepts for an inclusive future alternative to ‘Boris Bikes’ in London which is only exclusively in London transport zones 1&2. Our HTML prototypes were built on the Open Source Bike Share technology which is the world’s first low-cost and open source bike sharing system.

One prototype in particular, Rider’s Digest is powered by its community of private and commercial members. The Rider’s Digest service is fed with unwanted, re-purposed and recovered bicycles as well as donated safety gear. The Rider’s Digest community is incentivised to maintain and redistribute bikes through a member currency and rating system. For example, one repair might earn the user 5 ride tokens or signing up as a ‘cycling safety buddy’ could earn the user 3 tokens.

This community currency provides an opportunity for low-income members to earn rides in exchange for contribution to the service. Rider’s Digest makes use of London’s existing infrastructure, member homes and commercial retailers or workshops to pool the bicycles and each touchpoint is controlled by the community app.

Community members use the app as a one-stop destination to book suitable bikes and safety gear in convenient locations; they can also connect with journey buddies as well as access official or member-recommended cycle routes.

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