bet you don’t see this much people of colour on design studio websites.

Who we are

Comuzi is a design invention studio based in London. We model the future to inform the present.

Our specialty is in the invention of new products, services & experiences.

We see emerging technologies as tools enabling our clients to push the boundaries and solve core problems in new creative ways.

What we do

No matter the size of your organisation or what the problem to solve is, our clients come to us for our unique balance of rigor and experimentation.

The studio’s approach is grounded in what we call the Launchpad Programme – finding and turning real human problems into opportunities and solutions via working prototypes and proof of concepts with clear insights and steps to move forward.

Our creative process spans design research, service design, interaction design, advanced prototyping, immersive future scenarios and future business models.


Alexander Fefegha

Head Creative Technologist + Founder  Tw. Lnkd.

Akil Benjamin

Head of Research & Strategy + Founder Tw. Lnkd.

Richard Fagbolagun

Studio Lead + Founder  Tw. Lnkd.

Who we work with

Some of the innovators we have worked with.

Socials Twitter.Instagram.

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