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How we work


Our specialty is inventing new products, services & experiences.

We conduct our client projects via our innovation approach called The Launchpad Programme, which is executed in two stages: Liftoff and Orbit.

Our approach fuses design research, service design, interaction design and advanced prototyping.

No matter the size of your organisation or what the problem to solve is, our approach facilitates a creative and collaborative environment allowing us to explore, imagine, prototype and test ideas that benefit humans and business.



The Liftoff process consists of five stages with the goal of turning real human problems into opportunities and solutions.

This process produces working prototypes and proof of concepts with clear insights and steps to move forward.




The orbit process is structured to help teams navigate and preserve the insights and sensibilities learned during the Liftoff phase and translate them into meaningful solutions, setting the stage for a live beta.


Our Principles


We are human led.

We work collaboratively with the humans we are building for, co-designing ethical & inclusive products and services for positive human interaction.

We think by making.

We build prototypes to the highest fidelity possible, tested by real users, and with clear insights on where to go next.


We are emerging tech led.

We see emerging technologies as tools enabling our clients to push the boundaries and solve core problems in new creative ways.

We are creative geeks.

We fuse academic theories with conceptual and experimental approaches to explore our client problems.

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