NHS England: Patient Centred Design Thinking

The Story

At Comuzi, we believe that patient centred design can play an important role in helping achieve better health outcomes. There are over 165,000 digital health apps on all app stores. Some are great but many do not provide any value causing patient care to becoming fragmented and the patient burden to increase.

The Clinical Entrepreneur Training programme has been co-designed by NHS England and Health Education England to offer opportunities for junior doctors and the wider health professionals to develop their entrepreneurial aspirations during their clinical training period.

We partnered with the NHS Innovation team to deliver design thinking workshops to these clinical entrepreneurs, many who have launched an early stage digital health product into the NHS.

The process

We designed the workshops to do three things: uncover compelling insights about the unmet needs of patients, test new concepts in agile ways, and working in a startup like approach to launch and refine concepts quickly.

We ran user research, user personas and customer journey mapping exercises focusing on patient empathy, asking the clinical entrepreneurs to map out a concept patient user experience.



some slides from the workshop 

The Outcome

This project did more than provide a clear way to understand and meet unique patients needs. It also helped shift the clinical entrepreneurs’ frame of mind by using patient centred design thinking as they further develop their digital health product. We plan to engage in more design thinking workshops with the NHS on a larger scale over the next year.



September 07, 2016

Design Research, Innovation Labs