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From 2-day sprints workshops to multi-week discovery and prototyping projects, we start with the hard questions about the future.

We encourage our clients to experiment with different conceptual approaches and immerse theirselves in the real world. Unearthing insights with impact and interrogating ideas to make them as real as possible, we work with speed and accuracy.


2-4 weeks

At Comuzi, our discovery process
helps our clients by identifying the best opportunities, analysing potential barriers and developing a business case and plan which maximises the opportunity and minimises the barriers.

We do this by using a suite of bespoke tools and frameworks designed specifically to unearth real world learnings and insights.

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4-6 weeks

A prototype is worth a thousand powerpoint presentations as it enables our clients to test future products and services in tangible, meaningful ways.

As such, we work to develop a range of prototypes with the highest fidelity in order to unearth honest, useful reactions from users.

The goal is to build and learn.

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1-2 days

An immersive experience with your team to learn how Comuzi work with emerging technologies from an inclusive and ethical design perspective.

Attendance for workshops ranges from 6 people (min) to 25 people (max).

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