Client  Self Initiated

Date 2014-2016

The NHS screams for digital technology to reduce increasing costs while improving the quality of care. Due to the increase of Skype being used by GPs to communicate with their patients which was unsafe and not regulated, the team at Comuzi created Vyzit Health, a open-source ‘skype for healthcare platform – features include Private Video Visits, Secure Messaging, Note Taking, File Sharing, Appointment Booking and Electronic Health Record tools.

We were obsessed about bringing the hospital to the home; we wanted to reduce appointment times, paper, improve patient satisfaction, enhance the transparency of medical information and be able to monitor device measurements and patient vitals without the patient or the care provider being present at the same location.

A minimal viable product was developed and the Vyzit Health MVP was used in a number of private clinics in the UK. Hospitals & charities in Africa, Asia and the Middle East liked the idea of an open-source healthcare platform that facilitated visual communication and used it in their clinics. The Department of Health commended the Vyzit Health platform via open letter in March 2015.

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