Client  ASOS

Date AUG 2018

ASOS commissioned the team at Comuzi to experiment with creative computing capabilities for an experiential technology event.

We took inspiration from the AI Experiments Collection by Google and the great work being done by Stoj, a creative coding studio.

We used the power of code to display the creative and expressive opportunities that coding provides and we saw code as a tool to achieve interesting artistic goals instead of an objective in itself.

We had a short period of time to make something, so we decided to create something – Emojis of the influencers that work with ASOS.

We hope to do more fun creative coding experiments with ASOS + we also release an open source set of avatars/emojis which people can use (when time permits).

We’d love to share more but there’s only so much we can publish. For more, simply get in touch.

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